Credit Control

Credit control is an area of business that needs a special touch. Nobody likes to make that call to the late payer, and when you’re running a small and growing business your efforts are more than likely directed towards the customer side of the business. This is understandable, yet there is still a need to bring in those debts and get things sorted, as you need to keep cashflow running too.
This is another area in which Kirk Bookkeeping and Payroll can provide expert help, and it’s an area that a surprising number of businesses opt to outsource, and not just smaller companies. We have experience in credit control that means we can put in place a regular routine in which we make the call and talk to the company owing the debt. Our team are professional and know how the process works, and we will report back to you on a regular basis – you can decide when and how – as to how the situation stands with outstanding debts.

Our solution involves us being on the ball all the time and following a set routine. We will make an agreed number of phone calls before issuing a Letter Before Action. We can advise upon and use a standard template for this, or you can provide your own wording – we’re happy to use whichever method you prefer.
If the situation reaches the point where a third-party debt collection company needs to be involved then we can handle this for you, as we have relationships with the right service providers for the job. As with all our services, we will remain professional throughout, and we’ll save you money and time by taking off your hands one of the most troublesome areas of business management.
If you need help with credit control get in touch with us at Kirk Bookkeeping and Payroll now and we’ll sort out a tailored solution for your business.